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Ad of the Week, Creative Review

Nice to see my working being pick up by the international creative industries magazine, Creative Review

“Posters are getting interesting. We’ve recently seen brilliant responsive digital posters for BA and Swedish haircare firm Apotek Hjärtat, and now Tate Britain has launched an ad campaign which features different combinations of images and text depending on the time of day, the weather and even the presence of a full moon. The work, created by Liveposter, is our Ad of the Week.
The aim of the campaign is to showcase the Tate Britain archive in a fun and unexpected way. It is displayed on two poster stands in West London, which are divided by a busy dual carriageway. Liveposter has created an algorithm that automatically produces different posters that are relevant to the audience at the specific moment they are passing. Apparently 10 million unique poster combinations can be created, with triggers including traffic speed (if the road is slow, longer copy will appear), the time of day, and the weather. Here are some examples of the combinations that may crop up:”

read the full article here…




The Art of Outdoor


First Prize: Tate
Entry name
Tate Britain

Liveposter in collaboration with Posterscope & Total Media

The concept is a data driven campaign producing hundreds of unique executions, promoting Tate Britain to commuters, overseas & corporate visitors and commuters using Ocean’s Two Towers sites to re-engage with London based workers, corporate visitors, foreign visitors and visitors to London. They wish to use their extensive image catalogue of over 500 years of British art to create unique executions that are automatically triggered by specific events/conditions/data triggers.

from Ocean Outdoor

Impact Through Art

Experts in both heritage art and contemporary art ITA offer a very unique service. They advise interior designers/architects on choosing the correct art work or a given space. Choosing art work that not only complements the age/period of the building but also the space in which it is to hang. Amelia and her team can also perform the very tricky art of selecting and commissioning contemporary art that works  in a historic building.

As ITA covers the broad spectrum of Art periods I designed the identity to be flexible and reminiscent of the highly skilled museum world from which ITA expertise is founded. Take a look at the portfolio post for more information on the identity, stationery and website designs or pop over to

DiD Summer Bash

The Annual Designed in Devon Summer Bash. Held this year at the Reah Bros. Bar and Restaurant on the Pavilion’s terrace in Torquay.

Shiphay Chippy

A local Chip shop with a contempoary twist. Paul and his team were rejuvenating a local Fish and Chip shop and need a traditional identity but with a modern flair to complement the ethos behind this new local chippy.


It’s nice to get feedback from our clients…

“Fruition did a great job with the redesign of our packaging this year – they had a clear understanding of what I wanted and has done a great deal to further our brand and help it to stand out on the shelf, and we are getting great feedback from all our customers’.

Linda Burgess

Managing Director, Red Earth Kitchen

4 Counties has a brand new website

4counties brandnew website

Four Counties Interiors are Devon-based specialists in procurement for the hotel and leisure industry.  They work with companies such as the Harbour Hotel Group, Daish Hotels, Rick Stein’s,Taylor’s Restaurant in Tavistock,Woodbury Park near Exeter, the Award-winning Hartnoll Hotel in Tiverton, Fifteen Cornwall in Watergate Bay Treglos Hotel in for more information visit

Designed in Devon Summer Bash

What is Designed in Devon?

“Designed in Devon connects and shares ideas between sub-regional and cultural agencies, national design bodies, higher education institutions and other key public and private sector organisations. We provide a regional proactive voice and the strategic development for the design industry in the County. We help to strengthen communication and develop partnerships in the sector, foster collaborations between the design industry and design education sectors and link the region with national and international initiatives and organisations.”
Korash Sanjideh

And above all Designed in Devon is run by volunteers for its members and is free to join to any creative professional or student.

The Watering Hole

17th June saw The Watering Hole on the Barbican, Plymouth reopen after a Fruition refurbishment.

St Austell Brewery recently took over the running of the pub and needed a quick spruce up to ensure it met with their standards for the summer season.
We supplied new tables and sofas for the extensive external seating area, new branding and signage and artwork for the pub interior.
The inside was decorated throughout and the bar stripped down and refinished on site.

Shiny new UV

@ panotne and loverly spot UV folders

We always like to get samples back from our print work, these new folders for LMS Highways popped through the post today, 2 Spot Pantones, including a vibrant PMS 021 ornage, and a nice thick spot UV varnish to the logo really help these standout.

Pedal Car Grand Prix

We’re not just all about business here at Fruition, a core part of our ethos is to give back into the community. We allow for 10% of our time to be dedicated to local community groups. In the past we’ve arranges festivals (Transition Festival Torquay), provided advice to Non Profit Oraganisation, provided illustrations, designed logos and flyers all for good causes.

For the past couple of years we’ve helped the Rotary Club promote their Pedal Car Grand Prix. When Rotary Club Memebr Graham Gardener relocated to Gainsborough he got in touch to see if he could use our Torquay poster for Gainsborough’s own Grand Prix, and of course we said yes.

If your part of a local charity or non profit and need a little design help then drop us a line.

Designed in Devon: Torbay Chapter – Wed 4 May 6pm

Fruition are hosting an evening of discussion and planning, to develop the future of the Designed in Devon’s activity across Torbay. This informal event is open to any designer, company or individual that feels they can add value to the developing creative landscape of Torbay. If you want to help shape the future planning of events, discuss ideas that can help your business prosper and help plan for the future of Torbay’s Design community, then come along to Fruition’s new studio for drinks moving onto a social afterwards.


1    Visit to Design lectures in Exeter & Plymouth
2    Design Talks in Tobay – making them happen
3    Exhibition & Event Space
4    Pop up happenings
5    iNet proposal
6    Shopfront design – poor quality locally
7    Mayoral Elections
8    On line forum
9    DiD – TDA – FSB and how we communicate with each other

Come along and get involved with the beginnings of something very special in Torbay.

Wed 4 May 2011
6pm – 8pm
Fruition Design Studio
Unit 7, Beacon Quay
01803 295 959

Read about the first Designed in Devon: Torbay Chapter – first get together

If Apple made a DSLR this might well be how it would turn out, the WVIL

Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.


The WVIL camera is a concept camera envisioned by Artefact’s award-winning design team. It answers the question: “what’s next for camera design?”

The patent-pending WVIL system takes the connectivity and application platform capabilities of today’s smart phones and wirelessly connects them with interchangeable full SLR-quality optics.

More information at:

Found via Swissmiss

Designed in Devon, Torbay Chapter: First Meeting

Last Wednesday, designers and creative businesses from all over Torbay converged at Fruition Creative Services. They talked about Torbay’s potential, local design matters and the wealth of new places to meet other creative people, such as the Pop Up showcase and networking events in Devon, as well as old spaces which are under-used, like Torre Abbey’s Spanish Barn.

We are based overlooking the harbour at Beacon Quay, and are perfectly situated, in the centre of Torquay to host the meetings (with the possibility to spill out into the nearby pubs).  Mark Green, Director at Fruition Creative Services, said that “this is a really positive step for designers in Devon and we are excited to be part of making things happen”. Fruition are interested in meeting other designers and creative people in Devon, as a core interest of the firm is to provide a more joined up approach within Devon and the South West. They currently collaborate with other businesses in Devon and are seeking to further develop more local links.

Torre Abbey has undergone a multi-million-pound investment, with more money to come. They have become a centre for showing contemporary art, whilst championing local artists and maintaining the local heritage. Amelia Marriette, Keeper of Art at Torre Abbey attended the first meeting and said this about it,

“Designed in Devon is a brilliant idea – a chance for creative people to meet like-minded people, brainstorm and most importantly MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! The day after the meeting South Devon College contacted me at Torre Abbey and now we are in talks about an exhibition in the Spanish Barn this year. Even in a recession things can happen – we just have to facilitate it wherever and whenever we can. It is not always money that is the catalyst, but people. That said, funding will be crucial and a Designed in Devon will look closely at getting hold of any monies available. If you are creative, please get involved and you too can be a conduit for action!”

Phillippa Rose, of Redfront and organizer of creative mingling and showcase #pop_up events in Devon, expanding to Somerset, said, “This is the beginning of something great for Torbay; a more joined up and collaborative approach to creative industries will benefit all in involved.”

If you are interested in taking part in Designed in Devon and coming to the next meeting, join here

Next meetings
Wednesday 4 May – 6.00pm at Fruition, Beacon Quay
Wednesday 8 June – 6.00pm at Fruition, Beacon Quay

Hope to see you there!

Own Brand products, how to brand them so they look better than big name brands, by Waitrose

How to brand your own products correctly by WaitroseHow to brand own brand products right.

Waitrose’s own brand products, take note big name brands this is how to create restrained, eye catching, modern packaging. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is for a new range of luxury canned products from Waitrose, but no it’s their value own brand range.

Found on Brownie points to Blair designs by Turner Duckworth

CAD technician wanted.

We’re looking for a freelance CAD technician to join the team, you will be working primarily in Vectorworks, skills in other 2D & 3D software packages useful. If you have at least 5 years experience (or are brilliant), can work unsupervised and to a high level of detail then get in contact.

Email you CV, portfolio/web link and salary expectations to

No agencies please.

Designed in Devon Torbay – First Get Together

Fruition are hosting an evening of  discussion and planning, to develop the future of the Designed in Devon’s activity across Torbay. This informal event is open to any designer, company or individual that feels they can add value to the developing creative landscape of Torbay. If you want to help shape the future planning of events, discuss ideas that can help your business prosper and help plan for the future of Torbay’s Design community, then come along to Fruition’s new studio for drinks moving onto a social afterwards.

Come along and get involved with the beginnings of something very special in Torbay.

Wed 6 April 2011
6pm – 8pm
Fruition Design Studio
Unit 7, Beacon Quay
01803 295 959

oh comely – a beautiful new magazine holding us captivated

Today we’ve all been ooohing and aaahing over a new magazine in the office.

oh comely was started by my eldest daughter’s university friends and associates. They wanted to offer a magazine that is interesting, fun, intelligent, good looking and offered an alternative to the run of the mill glossys.

I reckon it has done all of this and more……. It is unique and very easy on the eye.

As a designer, it pleases me hugely!

Posted by: Jo

Dropmark, drop files right from your computer, or the web, to create organized collections

Introducing Dropmark from oak on Vimeo.

Introducing Dropmark found on Swissmiss

It let’s you drop files right from your computer, or the web, to create organized collections. Watch the above video and join me in being completely blown away.

Dropmark let’s you invite friends or co-workers to collaborate and edit your Dropmarks in real-time. They are private and secure, unless you choose to share them (each collection has a handy short URL).

Access your Dropmarks via the web and RSS, or get nerdy with their API—it’s your data after all, use it however you want. It’s not about “social media” (they won’t ask you to “follow” anyone), it’s about organizing and sharing your ideas in the easiest way possible.

Major, major hat tip off to Skylar! dropmark is nothing short of revolutionary!
found on the awesomeness, font of all things design that is Swissmiss by McC

Dainton Golf Club

The clubhouse is a social meeting place for locals and members alike, there is a strong community feel to the club, which was a key consideration to our design process.

We have completely redesigned the bar and lounge, with a blue feature wall, monochrome tiled bar and duck egg linen curtains. The new design is fresh, traditional, comfortable with a hint of modernity. Mark, who led the project, said that “with golf clubs it is always important to understand what will appeal to the members, I think we have got the balance right at Dainton.”

Feedback has been very good from the locals and members – lovely comment from John, who has been playing at the club for 6 years, “the new design is in keeping with the friendly atmosphere”.

Repurposed wii remote, creating an interactive whiteboard

Building sophisticated educational tools out of cheap parts, Johnny Lee demos his cool Wii Remote hacks, which turn the $40 video game controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.

About Johnny Lee

Researcher Johnny Lee became a YouTube star with his demo of Wii Remote hacks — bending the low-cost game piece to power an interactive whiteboard, a multitouch surface, a head-mounted display … Full bio and more links

40ft Backflips, Double Backflips and Front-flips, just because you were born with spina bifida doesn’t mean you can’t be an extreme athlete

Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham – Wheelchair Action Sports from Unit Clothing on Vimeo.

Unit, one of the world’s fastest growing action sports brands, has just released a six-minute mini-documentary on one of their star athletes, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham.

Wheelz, 19, has obtained a cult following globally for his antics with the Nitro Circus Live Tour after successfully landing 40ft Backflips, Double Backflips and Front-flips in the past six months… in a wheelchair.

The Las Vegas teenager is one of the most inspirational athletes in the entire action-sports industry; he hasn’t let spina bifida dictate his lot in life and has taken his custom-built wheelchair to places they’ve never been before, including skateparks, BMX parks and of course, the Giganta-Ramp.

Unit sat down with Wheelz during a recent trip to the USA and found out what makes the laid-back, humble teenager tick. Visit to check it out.

Following on from the successful Nitro Circus Live New Zealand Tour Wheelz is back in Vegas and preparing for the Nitro Circus Australian Regional Tour, which kicks off on March 9 at Albury’s Lavington Sports Ground.

Courtesy: Unit Clothing

Producer: Allan Hardy

Music: ‘Hello World’ by Amely

Urbanized, from the maker of Helvetica the film, is looking for funding

“In 2005 I began work on my first documentary, Helvetica, which looked at the worlds of typography and graphic design through the eyes of one loved/hated/ubiquitous little font. I wasn’t a designer, or even a filmmaker, just a design geek who really wanted to see a movie about fonts! After Helvetica was released in 2007, I had the idea for a second film, Objectified, which focused on industrial design and product design, and our relationship with the manufactured objects that surround us. But I realized there was more to explore, and had the initial ideas for a third film that would also examine how design affects our lives. So I began thinking of the films as a “design trilogy”
For full details visit the kickstart pledge page.

Arctic Surf Challenge

An inspiring film which shows me it’s never too cold to surf in the South West of England!

My surfing goal this year, to emulate the board walking tricks (see from 4 mins+), I will post the results soon.

Posted by: Neil

Letterpress Workshop by Mr Smith

via Creative Review

Texture, smell, viscosity… some of the reasons why letterpress is a graphic designer’s dream.
With the ever encroaching spread of digital images  these factors are forever loosing their hold, budgets grow smaller and projects are measure solely against sealed triple tender bids, leading to a homogenising of printed material. Letterpress is one of the most tactile methods to reinforce a brand, a product or service.

The Unmakeable Book

Book printers said Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Unmakeable” Book “could not be made.” Belgian publishing house Die Keure proved them wrong. Jonathan Safran Foer’s book is an interactive paper-sculpture: Foer and his collaborators at Die Keure in Belgium took the pages of another book, Bruno Schulz’s The Street of Crocodiles, and literally carved a brand new story out of them using a die-cut technique.

You can see more pictures of the Tree of Codes on Visual Editions’s Flickr stream. This is gasp-for-air-stunning. At least in my book.